Dental Assisting, A Career to Stay

Becoming a dental assistant can be a gratifying job with the opportunity to work with fantastic people. The aim of a dental assistant is to serve the dentist in any way possible to quicken the dental procedure as adeptly as possible. A dental assistant is the supporting arms of the dentist and possesses a number of functions around the office, based on which state you work in. It commonly includes communication with patients as well as aiding the dentist in the oral procedure.

The reason why you might want to become a dental assistant is primarily because the demand for them is progressively on the rise. The profession is one of the quickest developing job opportunities right now, with a job outlook for 2010-20 at a boost of 31% which is much faster as compared to the average of most other occupations. In 2010 there was about 300,000 dental assistants in the United States and is expected to increase by another 100,000 by 2020. This means there are lots of job opportunities on the market for those who are interested and jobs are generally offered practically anywhere you live. Dental assistants also have very little if any formal education which means it is much easier to find work. This is dependent largely on individual state requirements however.

If you happen to be considering dentistry then this could be a great opportunity for you. With an average median salary of $33,470 per year as well as a convenient schedule dental assisting can be an excellent vocation. Getting certified is likely to make you more money and also gives your employer much more trust. Salary ranges by region but if you are considering furthering your career in dentistry by either becoming a dental hygienist or dentist then dental assisting is going to be excellent experience to get a first hand look at exactly what those jobs involve.

What is also great regarding dental assisting is that often you can work around your schedule. Part time and also full-time work is available with regular hours of operation. You do not need to work holidays or weekends which is extremely important when you have a family or go to school. Generally you will have paid holidays off and a large amount dental assistants can receive a big discount on dental treatment.

If you love working with people in a positive workplace, if you have terrific communication skills, if you want a fun and gratifying vocation then dental assisting might possibly be suitable for you. Find out more on how you can become one in your state and start your career in dentistry as soon as possible! Learn about expanded functions.

Dental Assistant Salary Info

Pay scale for dental assistants ranges from approximately $23,080 to approximately $47,420. The average assistant earned around $34,000 in 2011. Those with the highest salaries live in the metropolitan areas of Manchester, N.H., San Francisco, and Barnstable Town, in Massachusetts. More about dental assistant salary here.

Average Dental Assistant Pay vs. All Healthcare Jobs

Considering that almost two in five dental assistants worked part-time in 2010 (according to the Labor Department), they’re making a comfortable salary. But, in comparison, many dental hygienists also work part-time and make more than $65,000 per year. Earning around $20,000, home health aides make less money. Pharmacy technicians and medical assistants also tend to make a little less than the average dental assistant.

Best Paying Cities for Dental Assistants

The highest paid in the dental assistant profession work in the metropolitan areas of Manchester, NH, San Francisco, CA, and Barnstable Town, MA. The Anchorage, AK area also pays well, as does the city of Minneapolis, MN.

What to Expect as a Dental Assistant

Dental assistants do many things around the office. They are mainly the supporting arms of the dentist, aiding to make the procedure faster. They take care of the simple tasks that the dentist will need, including disinfecting tools, preparing them on trays, and helping alongside the procedure. DAs also must take in patients and make them comfortable, as well as possibly explaining proper dental hygiene and how to take care of the patients' teeth after dental treatment. They also take care of things around the office so dentists can work without distractions.

It is a very stable career becoming a dental assistant with high job satisfaction. Working around different types of people is just one of the pluses. Variety, flexibility, and a good salary are other benefits. Additional duties may include record keeping, taking/exposing x-rays, and preparing compounds for fillers. Most of this depends on state law and where the dentist wants to place you. What's great about it though is a fixed schedule with regular hours. Some dental clinics offer free dental care, pain vacations, sick leave, pension plan, and reimbursements for continuing education. The more education you have the higher your salary and the more stable your career.

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